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Holistic financial coaching & planning for ambitious women with big dreams


Do you make a decent income, but still can’t reach your desired financial goals? Do you want to pay off debt and keep it paid off?

If you want to wake up to a different financial reality – enjoying life without the need for high-interest credit cards, finally building that savings account, and being prepared for life’s unexpected costs – 


the only thing on your radar, at the moment, is living paycheck to paycheck, or talking about money gives you the hibbie jibbies… 

…then you have come to the right place.

Fiscal Fitness Club is like a wellness club… but for your finances


(STEP 1 is covered in the group program, STEP 2 is covered in the membership, and STEP 3 is a stand-alone service offering to current as well as new clients. You can find more details on all 3 further below.)

STEP 1. Creating a money management system that is easy and quick to implement and follow.

STEP 2. Defining a desired quality of life and setting corresponding financial goals through intentional use of money (for example creating passive income through wealth building, paying cash for a car, buying that second home, traveling, essential savings for emergencies, home improvements fund, etc.).

STEP 3. Building a retirement account for when you choose to no longer work. 

The Financial Wellness Method consists of:

Most of the financial coaching and planning industry focuses on either expenditure tracking and spreadsheets, or saving for retirement. The crucial piece that is often missing is uncovering your underlying money story and subconscious blocks that dictate your current relationship with money. 

Another missing part is defining your vision for your future so that you can bring all your financial decisions into ALIGNMENT with the reality you want to create now – and into the future. 

To fill this gap, I have developed my signature 3-step Financial Wellness Method that combines multiple strategies into one easy system. 

My approach

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Here at Fiscal Fitness Club, it’s all about financial well-being. This means that we take a holistic approach to your finances – one that does not only focus on retirement planning but helps you start living the life of your dreams, right now

By taking my clients through this 3-step process, I’m giving you the tools and frameworks necessary to take control of your finances and empower you to build money habits that help bring your vision to life.


My unique approach



From establishing a solid money management system to retirement planning - I’m here to assist you regardless of which stage you are currently in.

Wealthy, Wise & Well

 An on-going membership

Become part of an engaged financial community where you’ll learn – alongside other like-minded women – how to achieve your financial goals, build wealth and fulfill your biggest dreams. 

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Retirement & Investment Planning

An on-going 1:1 consulting service

A comprehensive, holistic approach to retirement planning that balances financial & non-financial elements and focuses on your individual circumstances and the lifestyle you envision for your post-working years.

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Financial Mastery for Empowered Femmes

 A 5-week group program with live coaching

An intimate, small group experience covering the foundations — how to track and manage your money in a way that supports your financial well-being, and the money habits that are required to bring your vision for your future to life. 

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I started meeting with Jamey because I felt lost with my finances. I just received a really great job and was making decent money, but I still felt like I was living paycheck to paycheck. I knew I needed to budget and spend less than my means, however, no matter how hard I worked, I could not get ahead. I originally met with Jamey because I thought I needed accountability. But she did more than set me up for financial success — with her guidance she helped me understand my relationship with money. I realized I had unresolved financial trauma from growing up in a financially unstable household. I was so scared of not having enough money that I was living in crippling financial fear. After I understood my relationship with money, I was able to let go of the stress and financial burden I was carrying. This has been much more than a financial journey, but a life-altering experience. I can now see all my basic needs are met. I can save for retirement, take care of my kids, and continuously work towards my life goals without the fear of failure. I cannot thank Jamey enough for helping me build the life I have always dreamed of.

danae s.

I met Jamey during a difficult time in my life. She managed my late father-in-law’s investments, and my husband was very impressed with her when they met to discuss those funds. When my husband died unexpectedly, I reached out to Jamey about managing my accounts. She was so friendly and helpful, as well as knowledgeable. She has taken the time to understand what I need from my investments. She is also very good at knowing how much information I need, and never overwhelms me with too many specifics. She has been supportive when I’ve had concerns about the market, and through her Fiscal Fitness Club she has worked with me to develop effective budgeting skills. She walks me through any changes that she thinks should be made in my investments and is always quick to respond to me. I would recommend Jamey to anyone who is looking for a capable financial planner who really listens.

Janelle I.

I appreciate the professionalism and energy Jamey brings in helping me manage my money. She is always learning and sharing new ideas based on her newly acquired knowledge, with me. I have been pleased with how she really listens to what I need and takes the time to answer any questions. I highly recommend her financial services.

Cynthia G.

Client love

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Hello! I'm Jamey.

I’m an Investment Advisor Representative (IAR) and the Founder of Fiscal Fitness Club. 

With 21 years behind me working in the financial services industry, I understand how to grow wealth. I love spreadsheets and I’m really good at creating systems that make money management easier. And I’m on a mission to empower ambitious women just like you to increase their financial well-being – by helping them take anxiety, stress and confusion out of dealing with their finances so that they can create a better life for themselves and their families.

However, I have not always mastered money the way I do today. I grew up in a home where money was scarce and money talk was very contentious. And later in life, I racked up a huge amount of debt that sent me down into the worst financial hardship. But I worked my way out of it. This experience ignited a strong desire in me to teach others everything I learned about establishing and implementing good money habits.

The coaching business was also inspired out of realizing how much the financial industry ignores our quality of life, now. It only focuses on financial investments or retirement planning, which led me to develop my own signature 3-step Financial Wellness Method for a more holistic and wholesome approach. I’m passionate about showing women that there is a better way to manage money - and that you can live a relaxed, fulfilling life when doing it. 

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